Gold Squad

For this assignment¬†the task was to create a “find the difference” picture with at least 6 differences by editing things out of a photo.

My inspiration for this was my photography work in which I edit objects and things out of photos all the time to get a polished “perfect photo” look. For example this piece of previous work below comparing a “before and after” of the editing of a photo:

I therefore decided to take a twist on the assignment by editing a photo that I had taken beforehand. I would remove some bigger elements to create differences like the assignment asked and then would go on to do my “perfection” editing where I remove everything I find annoying or distracting within the image to create the best/cleanest photo I can.

I started using Adobe Lightroom¬†to edit the image using Spot Removal Tool which works by specifying a source circle and then a destination circle for the source to be pasted over. You can also speicify “Heal” or “Clone” to determine how the source is pasted over it; whether it is just copied identically or healed/merged into place. The Spot Healing Tool view with my edited circles can be seen in the image below:


To perfect the image I also used Adobe Photoshop¬†to finalize some of the editing that I started in Lightroom and to remove some other parts that wasn’t possible with the Spot Removal Tool. I used the Spot Healing Brush Tool to get rid of minor parts since it fills them in automatically and then used the Healing Brush Tool to specify appropriate areas of the photo, position these copied areas over the parts¬†to edit out and then blend them in using the Eraser Tool. My Photoshop Editing screen can be seen below:


Here’s the final “Spot the Differences” or “Before and After” photos:



As you can see there are quite a few big differences in the photos as well as the small minor “polishing” changes. The big changes include the guy in front of the door on the right, the guy by the Range Rover on the left, the red car/line in the bottom left and all of the Michael Kors and Dior branding on the shop fronts.

I was very happy with how this photo turned out since I edited it to the point where it is as good as it can be that I actually decided to post it online. For this I re-imported it into Lightroom, square cropped it and re-watermarked it in the new crop before posting it to Instagram as seen below:

I think my finished “before editing” and “after editing” photos shows some of the power of modern computer image editing and manipulation. There has been quite a lot of controversy online over this sort of “extreme editing” with relation to pictures of models/people edited by¬†businesses or the media which set unrealistic standards/goals to society. For example this recent story demonstrates a magazine possibly trying to make a model on the cover look slimmer than she actually is. Another example of Photoshop editing being caught out which I find particularly funny is these North Korean state-published images¬†which most are quite blatantly not real.

Jurassic Story

For this mock marked post I chose this assignment  which involved the creation of a silly movie poster.


Above you can see what I have created using Adobe Photoshop. I started by using a blank template of the Jurassic Park poster which I found on this website. ¬†My inspiration was to blend the dinosaur character Rex from Toy Story¬†¬†into the post in place of the dinosaur head which is on the real poster. I did this using this image of Rex which I inverted the colours to in Photoshop using the “control + i” shortcut key. I also added this movie rating image to the top right like most modern DVD covers/posters have some other funny text elements into the poster to make it more suitable for the assignment brief (see if you can spot them). For the title text on the main logo I blended both the movie titles of the elements I used together into “Jurassic Story” and then using the layer options I added a background outer glow to the text.

If you wish to view this assignment you can do so here!

Replay – Need For Speed

Need For Speed.gif

For this assignment we had to take a moment from on of our favourite movies and turn it into a GIF animated image which captures the essence of a key scene.

For this I chose the movie Need For Speed¬†which is one of my favourite movies due to it’s automotive subject and since I used to play¬† the Need For Speed video games. For the GIF as you can see above I used a scene of the iconic one-off Ford Mustang which is used throughout most of the movie. It’s an action driving scene showing the car racing on public streets which sums up most of the movie subject/content.

To create this GIF I sourced the movie scene from YouTube  and then used the online service Giphy  to turn the video into the animated image. This was a simple process by just inserting the video link and then specifying the start time from the video and the duration that the GIF should be. The website will then process this and render the image for you to save.


I also created this second GIF for fun using this YouTube video for the movie footage. I think this is somewhat more effective than the first GIF since the scenery and background of the shot stays mainly still while the cars through it.

If you wish to view this assignment you can do so here!

GIF 1 on Giphy

GIF 2 on Giphy