Group Project Ideas

I have a couple of ideas about what I could make for the VFL17 Group Project which include:

  • Dear Photograph Style Photos – Using old photos of Leicester I would mimic the style of Dear Photograph by printing them out and taking a photo of them framed within the same locations showing how it has changed since then.
  • Putting Cutouts Into Photos in this style (another example) or could draw into photos like this. This would mean having to create the paper cutouts or the drawn graphics as well as taking the photographs to frame/implement them into.
  • Construct a whole larger image by collaging other people’s images from Instagram location tags. For example searching the Leicester Clock Tower location on Instagram and combining people’s images of it to create a larger image since there may be some of the base, middle, top or foreground/background buildings which could be merged together.
  • Taking other people’s images from Instagram location tags of different angles of the same place as in the previous idea. But instead take a video of that place and walking/panning through it and put the items in 3D space in their exact framed locations/views (my photograph style) throughout the video using After Effects.


Out of all these ideas I think that the most creative idea is that of putting paper cutouts into photos as this involves coming up with a location/cutout idea, designing and making the cutout and actually taking a photo with it which is both physical and digital creativity.

Initial ideas for examples in Leicester that I can think of to do currently include:

  • Leicester Prison – Dragon Cutout (since prison looks like a castle)
  • Curve Theatre – Guitar head & body cut outs (Curve looks like a bent guitar neck/fret-board)
  • River Soar – Boat or whale tail cutout.

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