Shapes of Stories

Using Kurt Vonnegut’s ideas about outlining the shape of stories through visuals and after taking inspiration from Maya Eilam’s work I created the following image:




This image represents the basic plot of the movie  Jurassic Park  and was created in Adobe Photoshop using images sourced online (and linked below:)

Image References:


Also an example of a “Social Media Story” is the recent video by YouTuber PewDiePie after he released a video saying he would delete his YouTube channel if he reached 50 Million Subscribers. Since publishing this video the “story” of his potential quitting has gone somewhat viral online with various news companies covering the story (as can be seen in the image below) and much conversation about it over social media platforms. I would call this a “Social Media Story” since it is about the social media platform YouTube and also since the story is unfolding online and being talked about solely online and mainly through other social media.



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