5 Card Flickr Story – The Journey

For Unit 3 we had to create a 5 Card Flickr story which is a story based upon 5 randomly picked images from the Flickr tag. The images for my story were picked using this website and can be seen below:



The story I have created for them is:

“Life is all about the journey; going places; seeing things. Most of my journeys consist of the long drive to work made painfully slow and uninteresting by traffic queues. Everyone else in the same boat as me getting to their destination metre by metre; longing for open road in front of them to complete their drive. Instead all they have is the open blue skies above them in the stationary traffic gazing up and not wanting to look ahead; the other cars around fencing me in. No way out but forward.”

You can view my story on the website here!

You can view my tweet about my story here!

*I’m not very good at creative writing so the story probably sucks*


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