Replay – Need For Speed

Need For Speed.gif

For this assignment we had to take a moment from on of our favourite movies and turn it into a GIF animated image which captures the essence of a key scene.

For this I chose the movie Need For Speed which is one of my favourite movies due to it’s automotive subject and since I used to play  the Need For Speed video games. For the GIF as you can see above I used a scene of the iconic one-off Ford Mustang which is used throughout most of the movie. It’s an action driving scene showing the car racing on public streets which sums up most of the movie subject/content.

To create this GIF I sourced the movie scene from YouTube  and then used the online service Giphy  to turn the video into the animated image. This was a simple process by just inserting the video link and then specifying the start time from the video and the duration that the GIF should be. The website will then process this and render the image for you to save.


I also created this second GIF for fun using this YouTube video for the movie footage. I think this is somewhat more effective than the first GIF since the scenery and background of the shot stays mainly still while the cars through it.

If you wish to view this assignment you can do so here!

GIF 1 on Giphy

GIF 2 on Giphy


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