The dream team – #tdc1748

For this daily create we had to create a poster of 5 people for our “dream team” who we would like to work with some day.


Above you can see the image I created in Adobe Photoshop of the 5 people I selected that I would like to work with some day.

  • Casey Neistat is a YouTuber/Filmmaker with a “live life on the edge” attitude to daily life. His daily videos through their story telling, camera work and editing make even the most normal of days and tasks really interesting to watch. If you want to make an interesting video that’s full of energy then Casey is your man!
  • Lewis Brindley is a YouTuber part of “The Yogscast” and widely regarded as the original founder of the group. He would be good to work with because of his organisational skills, technical knowledge, media organisation/brand knowledge and his likeable personality.
  • Blair Joscelyne (Moog) and Martin Mulholland (Marty)  and both YouTubers who run a channel called “MightyCarMods” which is close to my heart due to my interest in cars/motorsport. Their videos are among the best produced on YouTube with their story telling, informative content, camera angles, editing and personalities all creating very engaging and interesting  videos (especially their more cinematic ones). Alongside this Blair also produces all of music included in the videos which is an amazing achievement.
  • Sam (SeenThroughGlass) is also a YouTuber who covers various cars and automotive events/lifestyle. The way in which he develops a story throughout a video and the cinematography/camera angles that he uses is very appealing and makes his content stand out over the other “competitors” around him.

So overall it would be great working with this team on a video production in general or more specifically related to the automotive/car subject that I favor due to my passion in it.

If you wish to view this daily create you can do so here:

My submission:


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